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Custom Specs by Expert Butchers

It's not just about sourcing and promptly delivering the best product for your kitchen. That's easy, and should be the minimum standard for any company that serves professional kitchens.

We view our role differently, and that's why Chefs view us a partner, rather than just a vendor. We're experts in poultry, and we're expert butchers. We put that expertise to work for you by learning your specs, finding the best product for each dish, and delivering finished product to your exact specs with prompt, consistent results.

No one likes breaking down chickens in a professional kitchen. It's messy, it's time-consuming, and it's expensive. We aim to decrease your prep burden and labor costs by removing this part of your prep process. No more setting up a poultry station, dedicating a prep cook to cutting, and then sanitizing that station. Instead, just start your process with finished product, and save time and money by trusting us to take care of that prep for you.

We pride ourselves on our prompt and consistent delivery service. Our qualified team of drivers, who are also trained butchers, will happily deliver your order Monday through Friday, free of charge.

Time and time again, we have proven to Chicago's top Chefs that we are a trusted partner, and that they can count on us to pull through for them every time. You likely know some great Chefs that already partner with Harrison's Poultry. Ask them what they think, and they'll vouch for us.

Reach out to us today to see how much easier it can be when you're dealing with a local family business that truly cares about their partners. Let's succeed together!